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The Arkansas Legend

Lester was a true professional duck hunting guide. His skills were and are still unmatched by anyone. For many years he guided many duck hunters from all over the United States. His clients experienced duck hunts only imagined by many of us. Many proclaim themselves to be the best live duck callers in the world, they never hunted with Lester. Lester passed away several years ago on the opening day of the Arkansas duck season taking with him priceless memories & skills. Lester's hunting skills were gained over many years of hunting. He grew up in the Arkansas Delta during a time period when hunting & fishing was bountiful & undisturbed by urban sprawl.

Lester loved to duck hunt & his techniques were his own, he pioneered the Cut-Down Olt Duck Call & validated it's potential. His calling was unique & nothing less than wizardry. His patience, calling expertise & methodical hunting skills could not be competed with. Many of us hunted with Lester & can attest to his hard earned abilities, no one will ever be that good again. Remembering Lester is important to us all, we are using what he taught us to continue a technique of hunting that evolved from a young boy that loved to hunt & fish. To us, knowledge & skills are what makes a champion...he didn't gain that from a panel of judges, he earned it on his own in the public flooded green timber of eastern Arkansas. Lester Capps is the true Arkansas Duck Hunting Legend. -- Kirk McCullough

In it for the Blood
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